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Kingsway, Burnaby


Pixel is located in the growing community of Burnaby. Burnaby is less than 25 minutes from Vancouver yet has its own unique lifestyle. Here, residents and visitors will find some of the provinces largest shopping malls, beautiful parks, world class golf courses, theater and sporting events. In addition to these activities, Burnaby is home to a diverse collection of artistic, cultural and heritage sites.

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Floor Plans

The modern floor plans in Pixel offer compact units which capture the urban condo demands.

  • Plan A: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 592 sq.ft.
  • Plan B1: 1 bedroom/ 1bath
    from 585 sq.ft.
  • Plan A1: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 588 sq.ft.
  • Plan B9: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 632 sq.ft.
  • Plan B2: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 585 sq.ft.
  • Plan B3: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 648 sq.ft.
  • Plan A5: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 588 sq.ft.
  • Plan A2: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 602 sq.ft.
  • Plan A6: 1 bedroom/ 1 bath
    from 588 sq.ft.
  • Plan C3: 2 bedrooms/ 2 baths
    from 788 sq.ft.
  • Plan E: 2 bedrooms/ 2 baths
    from 731 sq.ft.
  • Plan D1: 2 bedrooms/ 2 baths
    from 743 sq.ft.
  • Plan I: 2 bedrooms/ 2 baths
    from 761 sq.ft.

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While specific details have not been released, expect Pixel to reflect the urban condo design trends. Using the latest in innovation and contemporary concepts and materials, today’s condos are a mix of bright, smooth textures and natural elements. Pixel will be an example of this merging of sleek with sustainable natural materials.

Meet The Team

THIND Builders has been a leading builder in the Vancouver area for over 20 years. THIND creates quality homes with distinguished architecture designed to merge with the community. They have a reputation for both high standards and innovative designs.

Port + Quarter creates interior spaces which redefine the environment around you. They use light and texture to design diverse and culturally unique spaces.

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Inspired by the surroundings, the city and the culture, they believe that each individual needs a platform to create their own perfect space and their designs are the canvass backdrop for these homes.


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