Opsal Steel Vancouver Presale Condo in South East False Creek


Opsal Steel is a residential heritage building that has been a landmark in the Westside of Vancouver city for many decades. Two new residential towers are set to be constructed in the same location on either side of this new development. The initial building to be replaced was built at the beginning of the 1900s and is situated where the East 2nd Avenue and the Street of 1775 Quebec join.

Price Points

The price of the available homes ranges from $283,900 to $1.8559 million. The amount a buyer pays for a home depends on how big or small it is and what it features. The floor of the unit also contributes to their costs with those on the top floors costing more basically due to the breathtaking views that comes with their location in the building.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE
1 491-681 $259k
2 730-1058 $349k
3 1653 $728k

Condo Types and Sizes

OpsalSteelinVancouver1As the highest tower located to the south east of the False Creek neighborhood, the Opsal development is designed to feature 24 floors and 178 suites. Studios, condos and penthouses with single, double or even triple bedrooms are featured in the tower. The sizes of these housing units vary from 409 to 1953 square feet. Modern green and stylish interiors of the condos provide comfort and class to their inhabitants.


In order to re-frame and restore the initial glamorous look and effect of the heritage tower, most of its features will not be discarded. Artifacts and structural features of the heritage tower will be incorporated into the two new developments in order to retain its historical appeal and value. For instance, the courtyard interior cladding, the exterior signage at the front of the building, a gantry crane, uncovered ceiling as well as casting molds made of wood will be featured in the new Opsal Steel development from its older version. With the use of both modern and traditional elements in the middle, the building’s rich history will be preserved without denying its occupants the luxury that comes with modernity.


OpsalSteelinVancouver2The Bastion Development Corporation is the company that is redeveloping the Opsal Steel building. The HB/IBI Architects are responsible for the acoustic and innovative architecture of this residential building. The Allison Evans Design Corporation is the interior designer of this massive tower.


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