Mount Pleasant Living: Pleasant Is an Understatement for This Hipster Paradise

Mount Pleasant Living- Pleasant Is an Understatement for This Hipster ParadiseThough pleasant is a great description for the lovely mountain views and tree-lined streets that you can find in multiples in the Mount Pleasant area, most of us can agree that “pleasant” is a major understatement when looking at the neighbourhood as a whole. Living in the Main Street area is one way to discover this fact for sure, and when pairing the bustling, hipster paradise with the myriad of Mount Pleasant real estate for sale, many have come to support Mount Pleasant as one of Vancouver’s most attractive residential areas.

Houses, Lofts, and Condos: Mount Pleasant Real Estate

Mount Pleasant, which is geographically separated into Mount Pleasant West and Mount Pleasant East, offers a unique combination of nearly every type of real estate a homeowner could wish for. Shopping for Mount Pleasant homes for sale means having a wide variety to choose from: detached homes, condos, lofts, duplexes, and townhouses are among the list of attractive and unique properties available in the Main Street area.

Mount Pleasant is a neighbourhood that is diverse in its property zoning as well; some cooperative ownership buildings still exist among the growing number of freehold ownership buildings. New developments are springing up in Mount Pleasant, too, with many artistic and industrial lofts epitomizing the quality and uniqueness of the real estate in the Main Street area.

Trendy Dining and Living on Main Street

Trendiness is certainly a contender if we were to describe the eating and living culture of Mount Pleasant in one word (other than pleasant itself). This neck of the woods is a leader in the trendy bistro-style restaurant and bar sector of Vancouver, and its many hip eateries and hangout spots draw attention from residents of every neighbourhood across Vancouver. This neighbourhood has done away with the chain stores and franchises many Vancouverites have become accustomed to within their own neighbourhoods, and local Mount Pleasant establishments like Kranky Cafe, Burgoo Food for Comfort, The Whip Restaurant and The Last Crumb Bakery give every Vancouverite the opportunity to eat local and fresh ingredients and enjoy unique and trendy social surroundings.

Family Friendliness: Schools and Activities

Though the many hip and trendy bars, restaurants, and shops may cater perfectly to the youthful hipsters, families are far from being excluded in the area. Full of greenery and parks, Mount Pleasant offers many opportunities for families to enjoy a day of outdoor fun, with or without the furry member of the family. The quiet streets create a perfect dog-walking community, while the reputable schools like Mount Pleasant Elementary and Saint Patrick Secondary School encourage families to raise their children in the Main Street area. Extra curricular activities for kids are also widely available in Mount Pleasant at places like the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver and Mount Pleasant Community Centre.

The diversity that is found in the hipster culture of Main Street is unparalleled in any other neighbourhood in Vancouver, meaning that this neighbourhood is one that will surely remain unique for decades. So whether you’re looking for Mount Pleasant condos for sale for your first home purchase, or a detached home for your family, you’re sure to find all that you wish for in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Find out the benefits – as well as the affordability – of purchasing in Mount Pleasant, and give me a call today at 604-783-5593.


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