Meccanica Vancouver Presale Condos at False Creek in Vancouver


Meccanica development is situated in the residential neighborhood of False Creek that is found to the southeast of the city of Vancouver. The exact location of this Westside Vancouver building is at the intersection of the Street of Quebec with the 108 West 1st Avenue. This neighborhood is one of the most popular residential areas that is always in demand for such developments to cater for its ever increasing population. Some of the areas and facilities nearby are the seawall, recreational center for the community, Vancouver downtown as well as the waterfront and SkyTrain stations.

Price Points

These housing units are very affordable even to those looking to purchase homes for the first time. The cost of the speedster model homes ranges from $290k to $680k whereas that of roadster models range from $380 to 400. The turbo model price range starts from $560 to $750. The varying costs of these homes are totally dependent on their sizes, type and the direction they face within the city. Homes facing beautiful scenes like mountains and waterfront areas tend to cost more than their counterparts.

NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE


1 BED + STUDIO 555-679 $289K-$415K
1 BED + WORK 650-659 $415K-$455K
2 BED 783-980 $545K-$715K
2 BED + WORK 854-1029 $575K-$685K


1 BED 632 $385K-$401K


1 BED 799 $565K
2 BED 1008 $745K-$756K
2 BED + WORK 878 $645K-$655K

Condo Types and Sizes

MeccanicaVancouver1The Meccanica tower is a development with 12 floors, a podium with 6 levels and the total number of residential condos is 170. There are three major categories of the homes to be featured in this tower namely: speedster, roadster and turbo models. The speedster models (condo suites) entail one bedroom and a studio, two bedroom, one bedroom and work as well as two bedroom and work with a size range of 555 to 1029 square feet. Roadster models (town houses) entail one bedroom homes measuring 632 square feet. The turbo models (penthouses in the podium) entail one and two bedroom homes as well as two bedroom and work with a size range of 799 to 1008 square feet. There are also condos located on the ground floor.


MeccanicaVancouver2The design and architecture of this tower are an inspiration of the custom auto Intermeccanica design themes with a modern touch for the modern Vancouver resident. Minimalist interior designs with Porsche color finishes will give the interiors a sleek, spacious and elegant looks just like the auto models inspiring their designs.


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