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Located within the neighborhood of Downtown South in Vancouver, Maddox is the new transformation in this town that is set to give the area a completely new look. It is found along the Drake and 99 Howe street, with the Pacific and Davie streets close by. The Granville Island, the Waterfront of False Creek, the Entertainment District in Vancouver’s downtown and eateries in Yaletown are all accessible from this development in minutes. The development’s strategic location at the heart of downtown eases access to shopping malls and recreational facilities among other important amenities.

Price Points

The price of each home will depend on its size and available amenities. The cost ranges from $391,900 to $599,900, depending on the particular unit for sale. For every square feet, it will cost buyers and investors approximately $0.39 to maintain these homes.

TYPE/ NO. OF BEDROOM SIZE (in square feet) PRICE
1 498-578 $385,000-$465,000
1 + DEN 606-739 $400,000-$510,000
2 844-897 $600,000-$670,000
2 + DEN 978-996 $600,000-$675,000
LOFTS/ 1& 2 751-996 $500,000-$750,000
TOWNHOUSES/ 1 & 2 823-975 $520,000-$670,000


1 669 $530,000-$570,000
1 + DEN 769 $605,000-$620,000
2 1060 $800,000-$840,000
2 + DEN 1229 $1.05-$1.2 Million

Condo Types and Sizes

Maddox is set to feature 32 floors and 215 housing units with each home size ranging from 498 to 1362 square feet. The suites and lofts featured will either have one or two bedrooms. Town houses with either single or two bedrooms are also integrated in the development.


Maddox2In a neighborhood that is well connected, intelligent use of spaces and innovative materials as well as a shape that is tall and thin is the hallmark of this development. Simple yet layered, the architectural design and façade of this development is very distinct and beautiful. Designed for comfort, efficiency and class, this development is mainly made up of cement, glass and state of the art technology.


Maddox2Cressey Development Group is behind the development of Maddox. It prides itself in top notch construction and designs that are superior and unique. In fact, not any existing completed projects by this company have ever been the same in any way. The company has overseen the construction of many hallmark buildings within Vancouver and the wider Canada region, hence has won the trust of many. It is the many years of experience Cressey boasts that keep it in the industry’s front line.


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