Important Tips Before and After Buying Condos for Sale in Vancouver

Buying cozy condos for sale in Vancouver entails a lot of thought. Mostly appealing to first-time home buyers, condos have been continuously hyped to attract a significant number of interested parties. Speaking to The Globe and Mail correspondent Rob Carrick, former Realtor and real estate book author Dan Barnabic explains why condos are regarded as such:

Buying Condo

“It’s basically hype fuelled by several forces, many of them developers. The buildings themselves were built much nicer – not better – than ordinary apartment buildings, and they had more amenities. You had swimming pools, you had gyms, you had perks that made you say, why not?”

So, if you’re in the market for these perks, here are a few easy-to-understand steps in buying your very own condo unit.

Hire a real estate broker.

Hiring professional Realtors, from companies like Vancouver Canada Homes, helps a lot in surviving the buying process. Thinking you’ll save money by doing the legwork on your own isn’t wise – hiring a real estate broker can go a long way, as someone can represent you effectively on the buying side.

Before purchasing, get pre-approved.

Always aim for a property you can afford. While you might think you completely know what your budget is, getting pre-approved can save you the grief of visiting units you could not buy in the end. It can also guarantee a better position for you to make a competitive offer once you find the flat of your dreams.

Know what your fees will cover.

Knowing these beforehand is vital, not only so you can plan your finances, but also to give you a clear indication of what the fees would cover if something goes wrong within the complex. These can include the maintenance of the building and common areas within, as well as part or all of your unit’s utilities or property taxes. In some situations, these fees are kept completely separate.

Condominium complex rules.

Unlike a separate home wherein you can essentially do whatever you want, condo units are only separated from one another by walls, ceilings, and floors. Inquire what rules are in effect in terms of noise, pets, property limitations, or if you’re permitted to install things like satellite dishes.

Carefully think about upscale amenities.

Always keep in mind that features like pools, saunas, deluxe gyms, or large common rooms typically require bigger fees to cover the upkeep. Ask yourself if you’ll actually use such amenities regularly to make the extra dollars worthwhile.

Buying dependable condos for sale in Vancouver or other places in Canada doesn’t need to be difficult. Asking help from qualified people like Realtors can definitely go a long way.

(Source: Is Vancouver real estate heading for a seller’s market?, CBC News, June 3, 2014)


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