Homes for Sale in Vancouver: Look for Beautiful Victorian Style Houses

Various homes for sale in Vancouver feature a roster of architectural styles. One of those is the iconic Victorian style, which is among the most recognizable ones in the world. writer Laura Evans gives a brief description of the style’s most common characteristics:

Victorian Style Houses

If one word were to come to mind when thinking about Victorian homes, the word would be “decorative.” Their roofs are typically pitched steeply and reach different heights. Most of the homes have large bay windows in the front. The facades of the homes’ exterior extend asymmetrically to give the houses different levels of depth, creating a look appealing to the eye. Victorians usually also have porches in the front.

Victorian style architecture was born out of an era, specifically, the historical period in Great Britain when Queen Victoria ruled, spanning from her ascension to the throne in 1837 to her death in 1901.

Victorian style homes have several variations, three of which are prominent among a number of beautiful Vancouver homes for sale: the Italianate, the Gothic Revival, and the Queen Anne.

Italianate – Italianate (aka Tuscan, Lombard, or bracketed) homes are considered the most popular Victorian style. As the name suggests, Italianate homes were designed in heavy accordance with the classic, ornate villas of Renaissance Italy. They prominently feature low-pitched or flat roofs, square cupolas, and porches topped with balustrade balconies. They are also tall, with two to four stories on average, and are symmetrically shaped.

Gothic Revival – A quick Google search for the home of English author Sir Horace Walpole would yield the perfect example of a Gothic Revival home. The home’s styling closely resembles medieval churches and cathedrals, and is considered the pioneering example of Gothic Revival architecture. These homes heavily feature asymmetrical floor plans, leaded glass, grouped chimneys, and pointed windows with decorative tracery.

Queen Anne – A Queen Anne home conjures images of stately medieval castles. This style heavily features cylindrical towers and turrets, long and narrow double-hung windows, ornate stained glass, and highly decorative brickwork. Of the three Victorian styles mentioned, the Queen Anne is probably the easiest to identify.

For people keen on living in classic-looking homes, the Victorian style would be perfect. It is as iconic as it is picturesque and dramatic. Real estate services like Vancouver Canada Homes can help discriminating buyers get their Victorian style dream homes through their expansive listings and network.

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