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In the last year or so, growing demand from buyers and even long-time residents of other neighborhoods has turned Vancouver’s East Side into a prime real estate location. Real estate companies and buyers are well aware that properties in this part of the city are slowly catching up with high-end West Side counterparts in terms of prices.

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According to a recent CBC article, one of the main reasons why the East Side is fast becoming a desirable location is the fact that buyers are seeing a bigger payoff to buying properties and houses in this area compared with the West Side. In other words, property prices in this area have the potential to appreciate quite considerably. Paul Eviston, RE/MAX Select Properties representative, also has this to say:

“It’s significant because it shows there is not that sort of same discrepancy between the East Side and the West Side as there once was. I think the gap has narrowed in terms of price There are many buyers that have sold their homes on the West Side and have moved to the East Side, put money in the bank, and there are many buyers that once would buy only on the West Side that are considering the East Side based on the value quotient.”

When it comes to prime Vancouver homes for sale in the East Side, a real estate company such as Vancouver Canada Homes can be every prospective buyer’s ally. Such a company takes into account clients’ preferences in relation to location, property size and type, and price in order to come up with good matches.

As for house types, prospective homeowners would do well to consider the options wisely. Buyers can take their pick from detached single-unit homes, semi-attached dwellings, attached single-unit houses, or attached multi-unit properties. Companies like Vancouver Canada Homes can match one’s preferred style from the various homes for sale in Vancouver.

One’s dream home might be just around the corner. With the help of a highly experienced real estate agent from an established company like Vancouver Canada Homes, that dream can soon become a reality.

(Source: Vancouver real estate breaks $2M mark east of Fraser Street, CBC News; September 24, 2014)


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