Digital Marketing Key to Selling Vancouver Real Estate Faster

Vancouver, Canada (April 14, 2014) – Vancouver Canada Homes uses digital marketing to shorten the listing times of Vancouver real estate properties. The firm notes that with today’s Internet-reliant lifestyle, such non-traditional strategies are the key to creating greater exposure for available properties, which in turn generates more leads.

The firm is led by Jean Seguin, who, aside from being a RE/MAX realtor, is also the CEO of marketing agency Social Trendz. According to Seguin, the Internet is fast becoming the country’s preferred medium for information and entertainment, with recent statistics showing that Canadians spend more than 34 hours each month surfing the web.

Social media, in particular, has become one of the most useful tools in real estate marketing. For instance, realtors often use Facebook’s event function to easily schedule open houses. Furthermore, video-sharing sites like YouTube can host videos that provide a virtual tour of the property. Photo-centric platforms like Tumblr or Pinterest, on the other hand, allow agents to post photos of a home’s standout features.

Seguin adds that these networks encourage sharing, making it easy to refer such posts to those looking to buy Vancouver homes for sale. As a result, digital marketing not only reduces listing duration, it also minimizes the effort that sellers have to exert to promote their house.

Vancouver Canada Homes is one of the area’s leading real estate firms. The company leverages its founder’s knowledge of digital marketing strategies and the local real estate market to facilitate home sales and to help clients find the best properties possible.

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The company was founded by Jean Seguin, who has more than a decade’s experience in real estate, both as an investor and a realtor. The firm strives to help both sellers and buyers get the best value for properties. Aside from operating Vancouver Canada Homes and Social Trendz, Seguin was also the owner of the Smoking Dog Bistro, a famed restaurant in the lower Kitsalano district. He currently lives in Vancouver with his young family.


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