Craftsman Townhomes in Kerrisdale | Live in Charm and Intimate Space

In a very calm area of Kerrisdale, Bishop Vancouver, towering will be charming features and intimate styles of craftsman townhomes.

Five diverse elegant craftsman homes in a row, will be built and inspired by known modern builders in town, The Airey Group.

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These charming townhomes will certainly catch our eyes with the intimate spaces with intricate wooden details layered over, stucco, shingles, stones and deeply-toned bricks. The porches could be pretty laid back, reminiscing the old times’ sophisticated styles that provide mild turn-over from the outside and the cozy break in the inside. The Airey Group is bringing in the English Arts and Crafts movement in a very innovative spirit to one of Vancouver’s most aspired communities. The rapidly growing potentials in the community, investors and families who are looking at settling down can blossom within this extraordinary home building fashion.

A very welcoming and hospitable KITCHEN:


LIVING ROOM that hypes your visitors’ energy:

Your private space to revive your body and soul, the BATHROOMS:

This can be the most important part for shelter, the most solemn space, the MASTER BEDROOMS:

The Bishop Craftsman Townhomes are located at 7270 Cypress St., an ample greenery portion of Kerrisdale.

Variety of floor plans for each of those modern and charming units are available with its corresponding ranges:
PLAN A – A 3-bedroom townhome at this Vancouver development will also feature a den, putting it at 2002 sq ft. Add to that another 305 sq ft of patio space:

PLAN B – three 3-level, 3-bedroom townhouses at 1556 sq ft., with outdoor space at each ranging from 168-214 sq ft.

plan b
PLAN C – A 3-level townhome at 1894 sq ft, plus 326 sq ft of outdoor space spread across two levels. This, too, will have 3 bedrooms.
plan c

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Again, these are just 5 highly elegant units that could let you live under sophisticated gabled roofs, CONTACT US NOW! Live in a very unique identity, the lavish details of the porches, the rafter tails and eave brackets. The ornamented walls brought by the bricks, stones, stucco and wood sidings to style are those uniqueness of homes that you definitely would want to own.


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