Buyer’s Guide to Homes for Sale in Vancouver: Open House Inspection

Vancouver is one of the largest cities in British Columbia, so it’s not uncommon for home sellers in the area to regularly host open house events to draw in as many prospective buyers as they can. If you happen to be looking up homes for sale in Vancouver and you walk into one, you should inspect the house carefully to know for sure whether buying it is the right step for you. Below are some tips on what to look out for.

tips for the buyers approach to an open house


John Schmoll writes in the Frugal Rules blog on how checking the condition of the house is of utmost importance:

How old is the house? Is paint peeling on exterior wooden trim? Are carpets worn? Do the kitchen and bathroom appliances and amenities look dated? How many outlets are in each room and what are your electrical needs? Landscaping? Condition of the roof, HVAC system and water heater? You do not want to rush into a home purchase that is going to require immediate refurbishing unless the sale price reflects these known deficiencies and you have the budget to update the home, particularly if you have the skills to do the labor yourself.


Even before you get to step inside the house, you should already have a rough idea of its overall condition by checking the exteriors. Check for signs of trouble like an unkempt yard, damaged roofing, unwashed exterior paint, and others of the sort. A poorly maintained home exterior is indicative of interior problems as well.


When it comes to a home’s interiors, a few of the first things you should watch out for are signs of water damage, humidity, and mold. Look into the attic and the basement for any issues lurking within that just might break your purchase. Ask the owner if you see any spot that seems to be newly painted, as it could be a patch job after some significant damage.

Room Issues

Check to make sure that the kitchen is indeed clean and efficient even when there are several people in it. Inspect the bathroom for any plumbing problems and see if the fixtures are new. All-in-all, it’s important to ascertain that each room is in good working order and will need little to no renovations to truly make your own.

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