Buy Strategic Yaletown Real Estate to Take Advantage of the Location

Vancouver has consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to live in recent years. This has resulted in many people hoping to invest in affordable Yaletown real estate from agencies like Vancouver Canada Homes. Indeed, Downtown Vancouver is a popular location for potential real estate buyers. As an example, Global News had an article about Yaletown’s popularity last year among families looking for places to live in the neighbourhood:

Downtown’s Yaletown neighbourhood is a perfect example of how the city and developers worked together to get urban planning right, but city planners never imagined it would become a hub for families.

Created in the early 1990s on the north shore of False Creek, Yaletown is built on land where CP Rail once had a rail yard. The Roundhouse still stands and has, quite literally, become the centre of the community.

Initially, 25 per cent of the condo units were designated for families, but urban living is proving to be much more popular than developers or city planners imagined.

However, families aren’t the only ones drawn to Yaletown. Young professionals and aging empty-nesters are providing stiff competition for any available Yaletown condos. What attracts them to the area?

families say sacrifices to live in downtown vancouver well worth it

First, Yaletown is home to Vancouver’s two major event venues. The BC Place and the Rogers Arena are where most large-scale concerts and professional sport events happen. For any music or sports fan who wants easy access to these two places, a Yaletown home lets him or her reach these venues with a simple walk or a cab ride.

Second, if you’re looking for a place that has everything to offer in terms of nightlife, Yaletown has a wide array of restaurants and clubs to go to. The upscale restaurants offer foodies a banquet of flavours ranging from fresh seafood to foreign cuisines like Thai food. Majority of these fine dining places are found on Hamilton and Mainland streets, which provide the establishments in the area with perfect patio dining spots. For those who are more inclined to liquid enjoyment, the streets also have a selection of bars and brewpubs like the Yaletown Brewing Company and others that can satisfy anyone’s thirst for refreshing beverages.

Finally, there are the landmarks that should be able to fill up anyone’s free time. There are two parks, Cooper’s Park and Helmcken Park, which are perfect for strolls and dog walks. Next, the famous Roundhouse Community Centre holds a pride of place as a community center that is dedicated to arts and learning. Additional places to go to are the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and the Vancouver Art Gallery. With all of these available treats to one’s senses, a Yaletown condo is definitely an excellent investment.

(Source: Families say sacrifices to live in downtown Vancouver well worth it, Global News, May 5, 2013)


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