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Being one of the most progressive urban centres in British Columbia, Vancouver has a lot of condominium options for yuppies or people who simply prefer the concrete jungle life. However, before you go and look for excellent condos for sale in Vancouver, B.C., you should first figure out whether or not you’re suited to the lifestyle that this type of home demands. For instance, you should think of:

is condo living right for you


Know that when in a condo, you own everything within the four walls of your unit, but ownership ends there (for one, you have no stake on the land, as the Homeowners’ Association owns it). Of course, as owner of a unit, you are entitled to enjoy certain common amenities within the building. Be sure to check your contract for a comprehensive list.


There are many costs that come along with owning a condo unit, so be sure to familiarise yourself with them before you invest. These expenses include association fees, homeowner’s insurance, maintenance fees, and others. Again, it’s best to check your condo contract for any additional fees to ensure that you can truly afford to live in a condominium.


According to Ottawa Sun writer Vivian Chih, it’s also important to consider any rules and regulations that the condo management imposes on its residents:

A condominium’s rules typically cover things like the number of occupants per unit, whether or not pets are allowed and any restrictions, permissible noise levels and quiet hours, parking issues, and when you may use certain amenities, such as the pool or exercise room. There may also be rules concerning the alteration of the unit or its appearance such as the style and colour of doors and window coverings.


It’s also good condo buying practice to check up on the social setting or environment before signing on the dotted lines. You’ll be interacting with the people in your neighbourhood for the rest of your stay in the condo, so be sure to get to know a few of your prospective neighbours first.

Only when you’re sure that you can handle the lifestyle it calls for should you consider buying condos for sale in Vancouver, B.C. What’s more, you should hire reliable realtors like Vancouver Canada Homes to help make sure that you find the best condo unit to suit your budget and lifestyle.

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