Booming Yaletown Real Estate in Vancouver Makes for Sellers’ Market

Whether you’re moving away or hoping to get a good return on your investment, there is no better time to sell your available Yaletown real estate property than now. Despite last year’s fears of a bust, the market holds up strong, especially for high-end housing and condos. Matt KIeltyka writing for Metro news, reports on the current boom in Vancouver real estate market.

“In the first half of 2014 alone, 1006 properties sold between $1-2 million, 530 between $2-4 million and 128 sold for $4 million or more.

Single-family homes made up nearly 80 per cent of those sales, much to sellers’ delight.

Of the 714 single-family homes sold in the $1-2 million range between Jan. 1 and June 30, 30 per cent sold above the list price.

“When it comes to single-family homes in Vancouver, the demand is higher than I’ve ever seen before,” McCredie said.”

However, you can’t just post an ad online and expect to get a great deal for your property right off the bat. The demand for affordable Yaletown condos and housing may be high, but expect buyers to be smart about their purchase and shop with their head. If your home isn’t up to snuff or isn’t presented properly, you won’t be able to get it off your hands or get a fair price for it. Here’s what you can do to get your property ready for the market.

high-end housing still hot in vancouver

First, get an advocate. Selling a home on your own is a risky proposition. Without experience, you can easily make a mistake in appraising your property’s value, or trip big time in your own negotiation. Having an agent or an agency like Vancouver Canada Homes backing you, and taking care of the nitty gritty of selling your property takes the worry off your shoulders. Additionally, an established agency has the resources to provide better exposure for your property than you can ever have access to.

Second, first impressions last. You need to make sure that when a buyer sees your house the first time, they’re seeing it at its best. Do the necessary repairs on the roof and windows and make sure that nothing is cluttering up the rooms. You want buyers to like what they see and what buyers want is a clean and comfortable place to live.

Third, know when to negotiate. You might be aiming for a particular price, but going for the hard sell can only drive potential buyers away. Have a range of your highest and lowest price, and settle on the price you can be comfortable with, and try to stay with it. Ask a potential buyer about the reasons why he would want a lower price for the property, and have reasons ready to justify your appraisal.

(Source: High-end housing still hot in Vancouver; sale of million-dollar condos soar, Metro News, July 8, 2014)


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