Bluetree Homes Vancouver Presale on Main Street


Bluetree Homes development is one of the many pre-sale condos to be developed within the city of Vancouver. With East 24th Avenue lying to the north of the building, this development is precisely on 4000 Main Street where it joins the East King Edward Avenue. The building’s hot location allows for ease of reach to all the amenities one considers important.

Price Points

The least expensive units within the Bluetree Homes development costs $354,900. Most of the homes have sold out with just a few remaining.

A/1 618 $354,900-$390,000
C/2 865-973 $515,900-$530,900
D/2 574 $494,900-$564,900
E/2 844 $634,900-$659,900
TOWNHOUSES/1 1100 $516,900-$536,900

Condo Types and Sizes

BluetreeHomes1Featuring four floors, the ground floor will comprise of seven commercial units (expected to house a bank, pharmacy and coffee shop) and the residential homes in the upper floors. Framed with wood, concrete garage for parking vehicles will be constructed in the basement. Two more buildings with two floors each on the same location will comprise townhouses that measure 1100 square feet. Suites to be located in the first two floors that will face eastwards are designed to feature balconies with large spaces. With every floor featuring 12 homes, the building is designed to comprise about 39 units in total for residential use. The two bedroom units will not just face east but will also be located in the building’s corners; they will measure 844 square feet. One bedroom units will measure a minimum of 574 square feet. Some of the homes are also inclusive of dens.


BluetreeHomes2Homes facing northwards will have excellent views of the mountains. It is in this new residential building that the charm of the bohemian will blend with modernity for an eclectic lifestyle. The fact that this neighbourhood is rich in social amenities (such as grocery markets, shopping markets, restaurants, etc.) is reason enough for the residents to enjoy the convenience and luxury that comes with them. An architecture with a contemporary appeal blended with the bricks with a traditional flare is bound to give the building not just a beautiful look but also the general neighbourhood.


Bluetree Homes is the company developing this residential building.


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