Big Announcement of Future Condos for Sale in Vancouver in a Global Project

Big--Announcement-of-Future-Condos-for-Sale-in-Vancouver-in-a-Global-Project-1A new project to construct a tower in Vancouver has been initiated by an icon in the reality TV shows, a business tycoon and a billionaire known by the name Donald Trump. The property is expected to hit the region’s real estate market just like the many condos for sale in Vancouver. The announcement of the ‘Trump International Hotel and Tower’ to be constructed in Vancouver that is worth three hundred and sixty million dollars was done by the tycoon in the real estate business. This occurred on Tuesday in the afternoon at the same site where the building is to be constructed, during a press conference.

Accompanied by his two sons Eric and Donald Junior as well as daughter Ivanka, the family arrived in Vancouver from L.A by a privately owned jet a few hours before the press conference. He said that the Canadian city had become renowned all over the world, especially due to Vancouver condos for sale, and thus bringing the Trump brand was an initiative he found quite thrilling and exciting. Commonly known as the city of Glass, Vancouver together with its residents had always been close to the tycoon’s heart; he was fond of them.

According to Donald Trump, the city is not just beautiful but also a place that is quite amazing; he intends to make it even more attractive. Apart from being the 2nd tower in the city in terms of height, it will be located not far from the Shangri-La Hotel and exactly on the street of West Georgia; right at the center of the Vancouver downtown area. The building is designed to feature one hundred and forty seven rooms for the hotel section and two hundred and eighteen residential homes that are very luxurious; with sixty three floors, the project is expected to end in 2016. This is by far better than most condos for sale in Vancouver.

A signature or one of a kind restaurant bar, spa, conference center, a night club and the first ever pool bar in the whole Vancouver area will be featured in the finished building. The building is projected to bring positive change to Vancouver and bring people from the locality and international arena together. Due to a slow and poor performing real estate market, the construction of this building was halted in 2008 and the buyers or investors who had already purchased more than half of the residences inclusive of the condos for sale in Vancouver were undoubtedly refunded.

Arthur Erickson, an architect, is the brain behind the building’s design. The building’s uniqueness will not just make it expensive and attractive but also among the most prominent across the globe. It will feature among the best luxury units for sale in Vancouver together with penthouses and suites of different sizes. A similar project runs in Toronto but the building has 65 floors. The first residential sales are scheduled to begin in October later this year.

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