Aperture Townhouses and Condos Oakridge


Aperture Townhouses and Condos


The Aperture Townhouse and Condo Project is nestled the Oakridge area of Vancouver and is available for pre-sale. These new builds are just minutes from the Oakridge Mall, the Station, the Botanical Garden and Queen E Park. Convenience and seclusion are rare in the city, but Aperture easily accommodates the need for quiet with the excitement of city dwelling. Residents will have easy access to schools, hospitals and the famous St. Germain’s Bakery.

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Price Points

The new build development of Aperture Townhouse and Condo Project is available for pre-sale starting at $350,000.

Unit Types and Sizes

The urban floor plans in the Aperture development range from 587-1794 sq. ft. Units are available in one, two and three bedroom designs and have their own small private patios.

  • Plan A: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    1469-1482 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 465-471 sq.ft
  • Plan B: 1 bedroom/1 bath
    689 sq.ft
    Patio Size: 103 sq.ft
  • Plan C: 1 bedroom/1 bath
    587-589 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 74-75 sq.ft
  • Plan D: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    957 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 130 sq.ft.
  • Plan E: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    981-984 sq.ft.
  • Plan F: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    1595-1610 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 438-448 sq.ft.
  • Plan G: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    1124-1251 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 62-265 sq.ft.
  • Plan H: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    903-933 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 86-195 sq.ft.
  • Plan I: 1 bedroom/1 bath
    644-648 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 40-130 sq.ft.
  • Plan J: 3 bedroom/2 bath
    1431-1492 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 237-322 sq.ft
  • Plan K: 2 bedroom/2 bath
    970-1222 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 125-543 sq. ft.
  • Plan L: 2 bedroom/2bath
    928-958 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 95-101 sq.ft.
  • Plan M: 3 bedroom/2 bath
    1485-1532 sq.ft.
    Patio Size: 160-303 sq.ft.

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The Arno Matis architecture takes advantage of natural daylight in its design. Rooms are cozy and bright. Big expansive windows allow light to flow through the floor plans. Bright homes work with the energy efficient innovations of new home building trends. This new build townhouse and condo development demonstrates these techniques Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg Asian-type courtyards add to the peaceful, quiet living environment. This provides a calm oasis, amidst the vibrant area of Oakridge, Vancouver.

The units are examples of modern living and available now for pre-sale. Showcasing a contemporary design, these homes are tailored for the city lifestyle with minimal upkeep and clean, open styling. The Condo home owner demands amenities and spaces which enhance their lifestyle: built for recreation and enjoyment. Aperture Townhouse and Condo living also provides the best in security, allowing the residents to feel safe and secure in their homes and community spaces.


The Aperture Townhouse and Condo Project is developed by Buffalo Investment. For over 20 years, Buffalo Investment has worked in the Vancouver area bringing the latest in quality construction and innovative living designs to home buyers. The Aperture Townhouse and Condo Project is the latest of these acclaimed developments. Working with Urban One Builders, Buffalo Investment has created one of the most promising developments in Vancouver.


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