A New Downtown Vancouver Condo | Burrard Gateway from Reliance Properties and Jim Pattison


The Burrard Gateway development project is located near the corner intersection of the Drake and Burrard Streets. The development project will comprise three towers. One tower will be for commercial use and will feature office premises. The two towers will be purely for residential housing units of which 810 are designed to be condos. The office tower will feature a showroom in the form of a hall that is designed to be lined with mirrors.

Price Points

Although the costs of the residential units are not accessible at this time, there is a form for prospective buyers and investors to fill in (found on the developer’s website) so that they can access the condo pricings the moment they available.

Condo Types and Sizes

The residential towers are set to feature 36 and 48 floors while the commercial tower will only have seven floors; the project will definitely give the city of Vancouver a completely new look. The size of the proposed daycare will be about 5200 square feet, a courtyard for the public will be designed with an eye to detail and so is the community gallery. Toyota is expected to manage and operate a distinct program dubbed ‘car sharing’.


The Burrard Gateway is in a phase that comes before that of construction and is designed to constitute three towers; two tall ones and a shorter for residential and business use respectively. A sculptured façade that is well curved and made of glass will be the face of this building. The distinct, glamorous and unforgettable look of this development that is inspired by sustainability and innovation will be noticeable from as far as the Burrard bridge crest.


Jim Pattison Developments (a partner in the project development) and the Reliance Properties are responsible for the construction of the Burrard Gateway towers. The buildings’ architecture and design is a wonderful work of the Bing Thom Architects from the west coast of Vancouver city. The latter company has been working for more than five decades, helping preserve the neighborhood’s rich traditional heritage in the form of architectures.


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